About Joviste

DOO JOVISTE is a company whose main activity is the production and installation of PVC and ALU joinery of standard and non-standard measures. The company was founded in 2007.

Following the development of modern technologies in this area, we are able to offer our customers the most adequate solution for residential buildings, business premises, institutions ...

For the manufacture of joinery, we use profiles of renowned foreign manufacturers, the most advanced machines with computer parameter setting, and the team of top masters takes care of their quality and precise workmanship. Our production facilities cover an area of about 1200 m2. For all our products, we provide a written warranty.

Joviste Subotica

Our customer’s satisfaction always comes first with us. We achieve this by responsible attitude towards the work, by respecting the agreed delivery times and professional installation.

This is exactly our biggest advantage over other companies and it has made it possible for us to constantly develop to this day.

We want to provide our customers with all the necessary information before buying new joinery in order for them to make the right choice. Our cooperation is not limited to the production and installation of carpentry only, but we also give advice afterwards, we service joinery if necessary, etc.

You can convince yourself of all of the above-mentioned, by coming to our sales and production areas, we are at your service.

Reference List

In addition to the thousands of satisfied customers on whose housing units we have successfully replaced the joinery, we will list larger business, health, educational and other institutions whose facades and interiors are embellished with our carpentry:

  • Badawi poliklinika, Subotica
  • Borzal doo, Subotica
  • Boss pizzerija, Subotica
  • Compart doo, Bačka Topola
  • Destilatori Su, Subotica
  • Denis pizzerija, Subotica
  • Dom učenika, Subotica
  • Don pizzerija, Subotica
  • Goodwill apoteka, Subotica
  • Geneza doo, Kanjiža
  • Grgo bravar doo, Subotica
  • Hotel Galerija, Subotica
  • Jelen salaš, Palić
  • JKP Subotičke pijace, Subotica
  • JKP Stadion, Subotica
  • OŠ "Matko Vuković"
  • Aks Expres
  • Printex
  • R&W hala 3 Zrenjanin
  • Železnice Srbije
  • Livnica doo, Čoka
  • Liliom elektro radionica, Subotica
  • Macval doo, Novi Sad
  • Maksim gradnja, Subotica
  • Micro-pak doo, Subotica
  • Mini pani doo, Subotica
  • Nova trošarina doo, Subotica
  • OŠ “Stevan Sremac”, Gornji breg
  • Opština Čoka, Čoka
  • Phiwa doo, Subotica
  • Pionir doo, Subotica
  • Pekara Dino, Subotica
  • Pekara Proleće, Subotica
  • PU “Radost”, Čoka
  • Javornik
  • Viva natura plus
  • Monolit gradnja
  • Trinity Gradnja DOO
  • Grand Sistems DOO
  • Ravnica, Bajmok
  • Vinski dvor, Hajdukovo
  • Visa-prom doo, Kanjiža
  • VTŠ, Subotica
  • Sala Jelena, Subotica
  • Specijalna bolnica za psihijatrijske bolesti Sveti vračevi, Novi Kneževac
  • STR Stop, Subotica
  • SZR LS, Ostojićevo
  • Tim Vasilić doo, Subotica
  • Trafika Casper Filipe, Subotica
  • Victoria Logistic, Novi Žednik
  • Zom-impex doo, Subotica
  • Zrnex doo, Subotica
  • Žitopromet-mlin AD, Senta
  • Connet DOO
  • Sport Vision
  • Total Fantastiko
  • OŠ "Sečenji Ištvan"

Reference List of Foreign Countries

In addition to thousands of satisfied domestic customers, we also exist in foreign countries such as:

Bosnia and Herzegovina

  • Doboj
  • Bijeljina
  • Petrovo


  • Vienna
  • Graz


  • Munich
  • Hamburg
  • Stuttgart