ALU Elvial

In our production we use aluminium profiles of the renowned Greek manufacturer ELVIAL with all accompanying certificates. The hardware is made by a well-known domestic company STUBLINA.

Selection of aluminium profiles

Postoji profil sa termoprekidom, tzv. “termo” profil”, sa koeficient prolaznosti toplote Uf 2.4 W/m2K i “hladni profili” sa koeficient prolaznosti toplote Uf 3.1 W/m2K.

Kod termo profila termički most se nalazi dužinom profila koji služi za odvajanje spoljašnjeg od unutrašnjeg dela profila kako bi se sprečila kondezacija, tj. “znojenje”. Zbog toga je poželjno da se za spoljašnju stolariju koriste profili sa termoprekidom, dok se unutar zatvorenih prostorija mogu koristiti i “hladni” profili.

Aluminum profiles without thermal break (cold profiles) are widely used in interiors and in buildings where thermal insulation is not imperative or in the conditions of a uniform temperature throughout the building.

The advantage of aluminum joinery is that you can be sure for 30-50 years of its permanence, without any changes, and even without any special maintenance. However, as metals are good conductors of heat, that is, they are poor thermal insulators, aluminium windows have poorer insulating properties than PVC profiles.

Aluminum is a material aesthetically easy to fit, which makes another plus for its application to modern business facilities. A wide range of colors is available. Aluminum joinery can be exposed to anodizing or plastic powder coating.

Anodizing (Eloxing)

Anodizing is an electrochemical process by which aluminium profiles are superficially protected against corrosion and it gives them a special metallized color.

Tones of anodizing vary from natural aluminium over bronze shades to black. Coloring is done with inorganic pigments. A slight deviation of the anodization tone from the selected sample is allowed, it is common to tolerate deviation by one halftone or less. Anodised aluminum is acid-resistant but is therefore very sensitive to the bases. Particular attention must be paid that the lime or mortar do not stay on the aluminum profile for more than a few minutes after installation, because there is a possibility of permanent damage to the anodized surface.

Plastic coating

Powder coating is an electrostatic process for the protection of aluminum profiles. The process of powder coating is carried out in several stages.

The first phase is the process of degreasing of aluminium profiles. The profiles are then exposed to the process of application of the primer, which has the function of increasing the aluminum and color bonding. After the application of primer, the electrostatic color powder coating process in robotized chambers with automatic guns then follows. In the final stage, aluminum profiles are loaded into the furnaces.