In our offer we have a wide range of entrance and interior doors.

  • Standard entrance door models are a combination of glass and PVC filling (panels) at customers’ request and wishes.
  • The classic entrance door models are a blend of glass fillings, PVC panels, and a combination of bars that provide the non-standard appearance of the door.
  • Decorative entrance door with ornamental, or decorative panel made of high quality PVC coating in more than 2000 patterns.

This high-gloss material is resistant to weather conditions and UV rays, it is durable, offers excellent thermal insulation, which means that it protects your home from the entry of cold in winter and occurrence of moisture, as well as the entry of warm air in summer. It also provides sound insulation, i.e. reduces the noise level coming from the outside.

All doors have a five-point lock, which has the variants of the so-called summer and winter closing. Which actually means that regular door closing does not provide the maximum sealing of it (“summer”), by pulling the handle upwards the door will be maximally sealed (“winter”).

This type of lock is very important for the ventilation because PVC door has a maximum airtightness level, and this mechanism creates the possibility that the occurence of humidity of air in the interior of the room exits outside.

Three large hinges, 3D, which can be adjusted in height, width and depth. The wing and the frame are reinforced with metal steel reinforcement of 2 mm. The threshold is made of 20 mm aluminium.

We standardly make the doors in white color. On request, in wood patterns as well, most often MAHOGANY or in the color of GOLDEN OAK with the option of selecting the color from the RAL color chart.

They are not demanding in terms of maintenance, they are very easy to clean. Decorative panels are imported, and their characteristics are better compared to other manufacturers due to their high quality manufacture and panel composition. The PVC panel is made in Germany (Rochling Engineering Plastics), and the styrodur inside it, which enormously contributes to the excellent insulation,is of German origin as well (Jackon Insulation), facets and decorations are made by MAB export, Slovenia. The adhesive used in the manufacture comes from the world’s most famous manufacturer Henkel.

PVC entrance doors can be equipped with:

  • Five-point lock;
  • Automatic lock with three latch bolts;
  • Safety lock with deep lock striker;
  • Coded cylinder;
  • Automatic hydraulic closer;
  • Different types of handles and knobs;
  • Intercom lock;
  • Peephole;
  • The panel with steel reinforcement (ideal for apartments);

The same goes for ALU doors.

A wide range of decorative panels for entrance doors also offers different decorations, stained glass, shapes and colors for everyone’s taste, for example: