PVC is an abbreviation of polyvinyl chloride and it represents the product of the petrochemical industry, the main ingredients are oil and salt. After mixing with other materials, in order to improve the characteristics of this material, this polymer, with the influence of heat, softens and becomes suitable for further shaping. Because it contains chlorine, the melting point of PVC is very high, so that in the event of fire, the material exhibits the self-extinguishing property.
The difference between aluminum and PVC profiles for joinery is very relative because certain characteristics of aluminum profiles are better than those of PVC profiles and vice versa. Because of its insulation properties, PVC joinery is suitable for living spaces, and aluminum joinery for business premises, joinery of larger dimensions.
  • It is Extremely resistant to atmospheric influences and has a longer life;
  • It is lighter than PVC;
  • It is easy to maintain, it is enough to wipe it with a wet cloth;
  • The material is of natural origin, it is possible to recycle it completely, so it does not have negative effects on the environment and human health;
  • Also, it is placed in areas where opening and closing are more frequent than usual (e.g. doors on shops) where mechanical properties are more important than insulating ones;
  • It has a modern design;
  • It is suitable for large portals, that is, for joinery of large dimensions;
  • It can be plastic-coated in any color from RAL color chart;
  • Regular frame care with conventional dishwasher detergent or cleaning agent;
  • Cleaning with clean water and lubrication of the gasket with silicone;
  • One drop of machine oil for regular lubrication of moving parts of the fittings;
  • Care of window glass with clean, warm water and cotton cloth;
  • Modern windows are well-sealed. Therefore, it is very important to ventilate frequently for a healthy climate in the rooms:
    • Regulation of temperature and humidity and room;
    • Stagnant air in rooms is replaced with fresh air;
    • Occurrence of condensation and mold is avoided
    By means of this system the rooms are optimally ventilated, thus reducing energy consumption and heating costs. In this way, you will not lose energy, on the contrary, it will be easier to heat fresh than stagnant air.
    We perform disassembly of old joinery, as a rule, with the least possible damage to the walls. It happens that this is often a complicated job, so there is a possibility of damaging the walls and edges of the holes to some extent. Our installers try to minimize the damage during the removal of joinery. After the installation of joinery you will need to hire a bricklayer to complete the finishing treatment of the edges of the hole.
    Since these are two different types of materials, there advantages are different as well. PVC is a material that has better thermal insulation properties than aluminium so it is a better insulator in this regard. On the other hand, aluminum is a strong material that is suitable for openings of larger dimensions. Our company recommends that for double-wing doors with overhead lighting or larger-sized openings you should choose an aluminium variant, and if you need interior or entrance doors of standard dimensions for housing units, PVC is definitely a better choice.

    Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) is a material that is obtained from natural raw materials, salt and oil, powder. PVC is one of the most economical and most widely used materials. PVC is used for production of profiles especially in EU countries that are otherwise very rigorous in that regard, so PVC has no additives negative for human health. It does not contain lead and the like.

    In everyday life, in whole or in part, we use products from oil and its derivatives, therefore, it is not only used as a fuel for vehicles, but oil is also present in cosmetic products (detergents, lipsticks, shampoos ...), in the manufacture of medicines, orthopedic aids, and even artificial hearts are made of oil. For example, balloons, felt-tip pens, glue, piano keys, clothes are made from petroleum.

    So, life would have been unthinkable without these and many other products.

    PVC and Alu joinery have very good thermal insulation properties, and when the installation is correct, PVC has a maximum level of airtightness. Therefore, condensation occurs as a natural process, which is nothing but moisture that is accumulated within the space (by cooking, drying of laundry, tenants staying in the house, plants, etc.). Moisture most commonly appears on the window glass, because it is the coldest part, and therefore pvc and aluminum joinery are unjustly blamed for condensation occurrence. It is necessary to ventilate the rooms and once a day provide air circulation in the form of draught, in this way the stagnant air is replaced by fresh air.

    When selecting glasses filled with argon gas, it is most common among customers to fear that argon will eventually “disappear” and that the excellent properties of the glass will therefore be reduced. The following calculation shows that, although there is a loss of gas, its quality in terms of thermal insulation properies does not reduce.

    Therefore, the initial gas concentration at the moment of sealing must be 90% (± 5-10%), and the loss of gas on an annual basis must be less than 10 ‰. Assuming that the initial concentration of argon is 92%, this means that, according to the predicted argon losses, its concentration will decrease to 82% after 10 years. This provides a coefficient of W = 1.16W / m2K, and after 20 years W = 1.19W / m2K, which is a far better coefficient compared to W = 2.6 W / m2K in ordinary glass.