Insect screens

To get rid of annoying insects in your offices, apartments, houses, weekend cottages, our company has the perfect solution in the form of the insect screen for your windows and doors.

Types of insect screens for windows:

  • Fixed;
  • Roller;

Insect screen frames are made of PVC or aluminium, and the mesh is made of quality FIBERGLAS, which is completely nonflammable material, UV resistant and does not deform in the sunlight.

Roller insect screens prevent mosquitoes and other insects from entering into your home or office space. The product is made of aluminium so its time of use is unlimited. The roller insect screen for the windows is pulled vertically (from top to bottom and vice versa).

The possibility of installation on every type of window, as well as the possibility of parallel installation with a roller shutter.

Types of insect screens for entrance and balcony doors:

  • insect screen door;
  • “Plisse” insect screen;

Doors or windows can be freely opened and closed when the insect screens are installed. Insect screens are 100% effective in preventing insect entry, while at the same time they provide visibility and do not greatly reduce the amount of light in the rooms.

The bottom guide of the plisse insect screen is 8 mm, which does not limit its installation to the balcony door only, but it can be easily installed on the entrance door. The mesh is not strained so the possibility of cracking is reduced to a minimum.