Maintenance of Joinery

Service and maintenance

The window and door fittings should be lubricated several times a year with machine oil to ensure its long duration. Simply, the cover plates are removed from the hinges and, after the oil is applied, they are put back in place.If in a few years, or by using a handle more aggressively, it becomes loose, in this case, you can remove the cover plate on its base and tighten the two screws that fix it.

Proper use of PVC and ALU windows is required and it is essential for the long duration of the windows and doors. When closing the window, especially the larger windows, make sure that all four sides of the wing cling to the frame correctly, and only then turn the lever to the desired position. If the wing does not cling to the frame, it may fall out of the bearing and hold on to only one corner. When closing the door, it should not be slammed or opened forcefully. The dor with a self-closing mechanism should never be forcibly pulled, but should be allowed to close by itself, otherwise the hydraulics in the mechanism can be weakened which leads to its poor functioning.

Ventilation and condensation

In the space where we live, there is a constant growth of water vapor in the following quantities:

  • breathing air 1-2 l / day;
  • cooking (up to 4 people in the household) 1-2 l / day;
  • drying machine 1.5-2.5 l / day;
  • plants 0.5-2 l / day;
  • showering and bathing 0.5-1 l / day per person;

In a four-member household, about 10 l of water is released daily. Therefore, provide fresh air in your premises and replace damp, stagnant air with fresh, dry, outer air by ventilating them.

A long ventilation is distinguished when the window is only tilted. In this way, slow air exchange is carried out, and therefore a window is opened for a longer time. Another, and also a better way is to open all the windows at the same time. In this way the air is exchanged in 2-4 minutes. This is more effective, in terms of minimizing energy consumption.