PVC Rehau

REHAU windows of our company are manufactured from a high quality branded profile that will give an imporant quality to your home and will contribute to the feeling of pleasantness while you are staying in it, and in addition to all this you will have incomparably lower energy costs.

More than 60 years of experience have made REHAU company the leading manufacturer of profiles for PVC windows and doors. Being always concentrated on the perfect combination of proven know-how and development, REHAU window profiles are a hallmark of a quality solution for the future, which you can rely on.

From the large REHAU family of window systems in our offer we have:

  1. EURO DESIGN 70;
  2. SYNEGO;
  3. GENEO;

Polyvinyl chloride – abbreviated PVC – is a thermoplastic artificial material that is obtained from natural raw materials, salt and oil. It also contains chlorine and therefore its melting point is very high, so in the event of fire, the material displays a self-extinguishing property.

PVC is one of the most adaptable, most economical, and most widely used artificial materials of great permanence. We manufacture windows and doors from high quality profiles and our qualified experts take care about that: