Roller Grilles

Roller grilles are steel roller doors with a rectangular-shaped mesh made of horizontal steel tubes alternately connected by links. The steel curtain can be plastic-coated on both sides in the desired color. Roller door with a sinusoidal mesh type is another type of door, alternately twisted in the form of a sinusoid. The doors are the high-tech product, they do not crack in the sun, rain, and snow and have an extremely long lifetime.

They are locked with a special central lock or with a padlock. The power door lock has an especially reinforced insert with lifting handle, so it’s practically impossible to pick it, break it, and so on. The cylinder is with a safe key (“casa” key).

In addition, apart from mannually, the door can also be operated via an electric motor with a remote control or a control panel. In the event of a power failure, it switches to the mechanical handling by unblocking the motor using the cord.

Ideal for large openings, for shop windows in supermarkets and the like.