Roller industrial doors

When it comes to industrial doors, we have an excellent offer for your every requirement. They are made of steel slats filled with polyurethane.

Roller doors have aluminum guides that have built-in gaskets for sealing. On the bottom side, the last slat has a built-in gasket along with the entire width of the door, which adheres to the vacuum surface and prevents dust and air penetration. Standard colors are white and gray, but they can be produced in desired color, from the RAL color chart. They are a high-tech product, they do not crack in the sun, rain, snow, they are long-lasting.

They are suitable for installation on large openings and for more frequent use. Motor control is done using a remote command or by means of buttons (switches). In case of power failure, the motor is unlocked by simultaneously pulling both sides of the chain.

  • Optional: The pedestrian door can, in accordance with the customer’s requirements, be fitted into the sectional door without the subsequent lifting of the entire door.
  • Optional: Panorama, or a series of transparent slats. Partially or completely of plexiglass or lexan that provides penetration of light into the building.