Roller Shutters

We do not make the cheapest but the best shutters.

Metal axle, aluminum box, finishing alu slat, rounded guide rail, strap coiler, metal ball bearings.

These are just some of the details that make our roller shutters a top quality product.

In our offer you can choose roller shutters with an outer box that can be installed on existing joinery, regardless of what material it is made of or an interior box that are installed together with windows, balcony doors and the like. They are most often used in places where old wooden windows already have a space for the shutter box or when building a new house where the space for the box should be planned so that the height of the window is not reduced. The air space between the windows and the lowered curtain of the roller shutters acts as a good insulator. Additional insulation is achieved by using a styrofoam that is integrated in the box.

Three types of drive for handling roller shutters are at your disposal (available):

  1. strap (belt);
  2. crank handle;
  3. electric motor drive;

The inner boxes are PVC or ALU thermally insulated with PVC or ALU shutter curtain where the shaft is placed in metal ball bearings. The box is honeycombed, can be additionally thermally insulated with styrofoam.

The external box can be in a galvanized steel variant, powder coated, with PVC or ALU curtain, which is additionally filled with polyurethane foam with a shaft placed in metal bearings. The side frames are made of aluminum.

Also, the external box can be RONDO half-round, ALU cast, with PVC or ALU curtain. They are standardly produced in white color, but the curtains can be in any color of RAL color chart.

When lifting and lowering the curtain, it is important to take care that pulling the belt from the strap coiler is slow, and even, without any sudden jerks.

For roller shutters that are lifted and lowered by the motor, care must be taken not to overheat the motor. This can happen because of too frequent lifting and lowering.

We manufacture the roller shutters standardly in white. On request, in wood patterns as well, most often MAHOGANY or in the color of GOLDEN OAK with an option of selecting the color from the RAL color chart.