Roof Windows


The windows are made of three-chamber REHAU profile with steel reinforcements, the glass packet is 4 + 16 + 4, the external pane is tempered low-emissivity glass, and the internal pane is float glass.

The window has an accompanying flashing, a waterproofing set and an internal filling.

With a wooden base

Our offer also includes roof windows whose interior is made of laminated fir-wood, dried in a defined regime up to 10% moisture content. They have 3 coats of acrylic lacquer (water-based). The windows are opened by rotating them around the middle axis (centre-pivot) through 180 degrees.

There is also natural ventilation and when the window is closed.

The outer part is made of plastic coated sheet (in “chocolate” color), which the flashing is made of as well, that makes the connection of the window with the roof. It has 5 different rubber seal strips.