Vertical blinds and Zebra curtains

Vertical blinds

From our offer you can choose the vertical blinds of different materials and patterns, as the basic detail for your business premises or home. It is an ideal solution for sun protection, and at the same time they represent a modern alternative to standard models of curtains.

The wide range of colors we offer allows you to customize them to any ambience and make it more beautiful and comfortable to stay, thus protecting your privacy. The slats are made of plasticized antistatic, antibacterial, nonflammable fabric that does not collect neither dust nor odors, and is easy to clean.

They can simply be opened to one side or split opened, from the middle to the ends. The slats are moved using a chain and the radius of their rotation is 180 degrees, which allows the regulation of the light entering the room.

Zebra blinds

The zebra curtains consist of a double layered canvas where the transparent and opaque fabric fields alternate. They are manually operated, by moving the chain, the degree of overlapping of the layers is regulated, thus regulating the level of light entering the room.

They are available in a variety of colors and patterns, manufacture is customized.