The very important aspect of every house are its windows whether it is a new construction or restoration of an old house, and therefore the right choice of them is certainly important. PVC material is the number one in the total window production, and as such it is known for its strength and durability.

The amount of raw material is decreasing every day, and energy is getting more and more expensive. Our profiles have excellent thermal insulation properties and therefore achieve maximum energy savings.

All this together is enough for you to choose to replace worn-out joinery with modern and economical materials that will protect your home for many years from unfavorable weather conditions, and will provide you with a peaceful sleep without high bills that you are accustomed to.

Windows and doors bring light and sun-heat into the interior of the house, they represent the true communication between the interior and exterior space. They are also crucial for the harmonic impression of the external facade.


  1. PVC windows do not require painting;
  2. they are easy to maintain;
  3. they are extremely durable and with proper maintenance and handling their service life can be up to 50 years;
  4. Colors are long-lasting, resistant to weather and UV radiation because they contain UV stabilizer;
  5. PVC profiles have better insulation values than wooden and aluminium windows;
  6. affordable price;
  7. they are 100% recyclable so they have an important ecological significance;
  8. a large selection of shapes and colors;
  9. it is chemically stable and resistant to most dilute and concentrated acids;
  10. and most importantly, they DO NOT contain LEAD;